Suicide Prevention

What is Project Semicolon Doing in Idaho?
September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness month and a time to talk. Talk about how you aren't alone. Talk about mental health. Talk about how this isn't the end of your story. It's happening right here in Idaho.
I Wanna Die. I Wanna Live. Save Me.
The annual child abuse prevention campaign, "Live For 175" is over. The challenge is to keep the message alive and I'm still getting messages of defeat. My last DM, "I wanna die." What do you do? Read this.
Idaho Suicide Hotline in Need of Volunteers
Before winter training begins, the Idaho Suicide Hotline is reaching out for new volunteers to help their cause.
In order to be a volunteer, one must undergo 50 hours of training including shadowing a current volunteer.
John Reusser, the hotline's director, says a person does not need to be suicidal t…