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I grabbed three of our personalities and managers in the studio to drop a new music video on them. Each had no idea what I was going to play. I wanted to get honest reactions and this is what happened. Thanks to Jeff Connell from Mix 106, Cruise & Box from 103.5 Kissfm and you might recognize me in this video.

Logic teams up with Alessia Cara and Khalid in a new video, "1-800-273-8255" You've just been given the phone number to the national suicide prevention hotline. I've unfortunately been involved in too many instances revolving around suicide. Mental health isn't probably that important to you if it's not touching you. That's how most epidemics effect a community. That's the way our world goes round. That said, it's our responsibility to make sure we don't contribute to the statistics.

I asked a simple question after Robin Williams took his life years ago.

"...what could have been that bad Robin?"

That was more of just an immediate reaction and it was short-lived. I took it down minutes later because I had no idea how that sentence would hit people. Mental illness and depression continue to destroy communities one by one. If we don't educate ourselves now - it's only going to get worse for our own kids in the future. Kids today can't fight back like your parents when a bully pushed them around. "toughen up!" is a phrase that is just all too familiar and all too unfair. Could YOU fight that fight on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Text, Youtube, Email, and in class? Think about that for one second, please take two.

This video by Logic tackles a star track runner who seems to be gay. They show everyone's reactions including the kid wanting to kill himself as students bombard him with hate. I find it EXTREMELY interesting that the teacher and the father help save his life by NOT outcasting him. I love the ending and it's just an example of what could have happened and what did happen. Logic shows us both sides and has his concert crowds chant, " I WANNA BE ALIVE!!!"

Logic also taps Nolan Gould, Don Cheadle, Matthew Modine,  and Luis Guzman for strong roles in the video. You can find the video link to Logic's new song in the description in the about video.

I humbly salute Logic, Alessia Cara and Khalid for making this song for the fans. I will play this song because it HAS to be heard. Let me leave you with this text from someone in which I never knew he felt this way,

Text Message












Please take a few moments to watch this masterpiece of a video by logic.

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