School is officially back in session at Boise State University. After the crazy pandemic year of 2020, this is the first time a lot of students will be on campus for classes. Anyone who's had a chance to tour the campus has seen how awesome it is. But many haven't had the chance to stroll about campus. And depending on where their classes are, students likely might not see various parts of campus during their run as students. Don't worry, there's a 4K Walking Tour for that.

The City Walks YouTube channel takes you on a tour of Boise State University complete with narration. Perfect if you are looking to see all there is to be seen of the university, but it was specifically filmed as accompaniment to walking on the treadmill.

As someone who is looking to get at least 10K steps in every day to appease the Fitbit gods, the nearly hour long tour helps get the job done. The older buildings are my favorite part of the tour for sure.

When it comes to the narration, the guy speaking isn't as well versed in BSU history as you'd like, but it's amusing nonetheless if only to pick it apart. I prefer to watch it without sound and stick my ear buds in to stream my favorite station. He does have an interesting take regarding collegiate athletics that might ruffle your feathers a bit. He also didn't seem aware beforehand that BSU's mascot is the Bronco.

Still enjoyable and worth a watch.

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