Throw a global pandemic into the mix of things like the year 2020 did and you're bound to see a whole lot of change.  No gatherings, minimal family time, no concerts and you may as well cancel any sort of plans that you had in place for the year--no need for those.

For many this meant canceled vacations or postponed trips. For many others, however, this meant figuring out what to do with major life milestones like weddings. A lot goes into a wedding--effort, travel for guests, money, TIME--a whole lot of those things are impacted significantly by a pandemic. I know several friends who had to postpone or completely change their wedding plans due to the Coronavirus. What is a couple to do?

You can re-plan everything MONTHS out and hope that the pandemic magically goes away...OR, you can elope. This is where Tamarack Resort comes in.

If your wedding was impacted by COVID, you have the option to be one of ten elopement ceremonies at Tamarack Resort this summer. There's also a contest going on that you can enter and receive the elopement ceremony for free!

If you have any experience with weddings, you will know that a $600 wedding package is unheard of. If that peaks your interest, check this out.

For just $600 this summer, you can book your ultimate elopement package with Tamarack Resort which will include:

  • A one-hour pontoon boat rental where the private, floating ceremony will take place
  • An officiant
  • Your very own DJ for a first dance
  • Champagne to celebrate and toast with
  • 10 friends for each couple will be allowed to come along for the adventure as well.
  • Discounted overnight stay rates are available for the honeymoon couple as well


Interested or know someone that would be? There aren't many packages, so book fast OR submit yourself for the FREE option!

Learn more, HERE.


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