All week long, we've been putting "Tickets and Tanlines" into your hands on 103.5 KISS FM.  We get that this summer is quickly becoming the "summer that never happened" so we've teamed up with Roaring Springs to give you some excitement and with Jamaica Me Tan to get a little sun on that skin!

All weekend, we're giving you a BONUS chance to win tickets!

Do you have our free 103.5 KISS FM app on your phone? That's all you need to win.

Make sure your alerts are turned on because we'll be giving the keywords out via our app ONLY all day on Saturday and Sunday. Just swipe that keyword, enter it back into our app, and we'll be announcing winners!

We get it, calling in and getting through can be tough. We're making it as simple as can be this weekend--consider it a Tap To Splash Weekend!

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