The leaves have begun to change, the temperatures are dropping and the smell of pumpkin spice latte is everywhere, this can only mean one thing... Black Friday is right around the corner. Black Friday that magical day in which you attempt to cram Christmas shopping for twenty seven relatives from age 2 to seventy two in a 24 hour period. You shop on-line, in person and sometimes you go as far as recruiting family members to help you get it all done in that 24 hour span. What posses us to get up extra early and stay up extra late?... the deals! Well get ready cause the deals are about to get better. They say that competition is a good thing. It's supposed to make the competitors better and in this case its better for the consumer. If you shop at Amazon or Target and who doesn't? You are gonna love this... Target has announced that they are gonna compete with Amazon on Black Friday. Here are the details...

Amazon prime days are Oct. 13 and 14... Can you guess when Target Deal Days are? yep... Oct. 13 and 14 "digital deals on hundreds of thousands of items, more than double last year" the company said in a statement. By the way Target is stepping up and  making most of their deals available via their Drive Up and Order Pickup or same-day delivery with Shipt.

"This year, in a holiday season unlike any other, we know it's more important than ever for our guests to get great deals in a convenient and safe shopping environment," commented Target's Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer Christina Hennington.

As if that wasn't a bold enough move on Target's behalf, they also announced plans to  to offer Black Friday deals for the entire month of November. Oh yeah there's one more thing, Target is also extending its "Price Match Guarantee" starting Nov. 1 through  Dec. 24.


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