This is gonna sound a bit weird because I'm the guy that plays MUSIC on the radio. The Team Subaru Nampa commercials are the ones that I always remember, they tend to stand out and now Team is doing something else to stand out. According to the press release Team is donating over forty thousand meals.

" Team Subaru of Nampa will support local food banks in the Treasure Valley area by helping to donate 40,874 meals to The Idaho Foodbank, providing immediate and crucial assistance to those affected and help get the community back on its feet."

Apparently Subaru of America, Inc. has an initiative to provide 50 million meals to people hit hardest by the crisis and Rob Studebaker the general manager did not hesitate to get involved on behalf of Treasure valley residents. Rob said in the official press release...

“Team Subaru is always looking for ways to help the Treasure Valley community, so it was easy for us to agree to participate in Subaru’s Feeding America initiative to provide meals to The Idaho Food bank, “

A big salute to Rob and everyone at Team Subaru in Nampa.


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