There doesn't seem to be any one simple answer to "Why is gas so expensive right now?" Some blame inflation, supply chain, politicians, or anything else you can point a finger at. While we probably won't get a direct answer, the truth remains: It's expensive to drive in Idaho right now.

What really cuts deep is the fact that while we're suffering while purchasing gas, the people selling it to us are laughing all the way to the bank. You aren't going to like this part.

As of the writing of this article, Idahoans are paying around $4.60 for a gallon of gasoline. That's what we're paying. Gas stations, who typically pay wholesale prices on gasoline, are procuring it for $3.93 per gallon. That's a markup of $0.67 for those playing at home.

67 cents doesn't feel like a lot, right? It doesn't, until you consider this fact: That's the highest margin gas has ever sold in Idaho. Like, ever.

You're reading that correctly. Record-high gas prices are partly due to gas stations taking in more money than ever before.

Is it price gauging? Is this even legal? Deputy Attorney General Brett DeLange chimes in:

It is what it is. We don’t have the legal authority to address it so it’s not like the office of the AG can address the issue because there’s no (emergency) declaration in place.”

Is it fair? Do you think retailers should be charging more than average for gas while we're all stretched thin just trying to pay our bills? Let us know on Facebook.

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