Ok, Boise State fans...it was a painful weekend. The Broncos took a trip to Oklahoma yesterday and came back a little sore--with a loss.

Even though a game that would have been HUGE for Boise State's resume this year didn't go the way we all wanted, it doesn't mean all hope for a big season is lost.  In fact, things are just getting started. Sometimes, it feels like Boise State fans get a little TOO used to winning, so here are three things that as a Boise State fan...you can't forget about.

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    The season isn't over...and neither are bowl game hopes

    Boise State Fans...the season ISN'T OVER.  How quickly we can be to expect to win every single game. We've been spoiled with some great records here in Boise and I feel like a loss early on is better than a loss down the road. By the way, we can still be the top-ranked non-power 5 school to get a major bowl bid...the Broncos just need to keep on winning!

  • 2

    We're still ranked

    Yes, Boise--we're still a ranked team. With the exception of the AP Poll, others have Boise State ranked at #24. The only non-power 5 team ahead of Boise State is UCF. I would argue their remaining season is easier than Boise State's...but a slip up from them is a huge win for us.

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    There are plenty more resume-building games

    San Diego State played tough against #13 Stanford and is always a challenge for Boise State. Oh, and don't forget about BYU who is now ranked as well after a huge upset against #6 Wisconsin. Both of these games are potential top 25 match-ups for Boise State that could launch us further up the rankings...IF the Broncos win.

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