With the new year just starting many people have made it their New Year's resolution to pick up a book and start reading. This time also just happens to be some of the best book-reading weather and vibes all around so there is no better time to start reading than now! Luckily if you’re lost on where to find a good book to pick up Boise has some of the best locally-owned bookshops in the country!

Each bookshop has its unique vibe perfect for not only finding a good but also relaxing with your brand new book. The stores are local around Boise so you don’t even have to drive too far to get to them.

Boise Book Stores

The best local bookstores.

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

Bargain Books Boise located on Cole Road sells used books for great prices. The store is open every day of the week except Sunday and is home to local celebrity Daisy, The Bargain Books Boxer who will make your day the second you see her.

Bent Corners Used Books located on Five Mile Road has a huge selection of over 40,000 paperback books for sale. They have everything from old books that you won’t be able to find in your average bookstore to new releases that make it to their shelves surprisingly fast. They even offer a trading system for those interested.

Once and Future Books located on West State Street has everything from books to puzzles, DVDs, and audiobooks. They even have textbooks and encyclopedias for sale and offer a Book of The Month Club.

Rediscovered Bookshop located in the heart of downtown Boise on 8th Street has mostly new books with some old books as well. They have a bunch of different clubs going on including Reading WIldly, Spicy Reads, Film & Book, and Cynical Lovers’.

Tree City Books located on South Capital Boulevard is on the first floor of the Friends of Boise Public Library. They have a staff entirely built of volunteers and are open all year round!

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