We're trying to not take it personal that Danica McKellar isn't actually shooting a Christmas movie in Idaho after all. BUT, that shouldn't prevent you from living our your own Christmas fantasy! 

They weren't on during Halloween weekend, but if you had looked up while making your way through Downtown Boise, you would've quickly noticed the snowflake decorations are indeed hanging over the intersections. The giant lighted reindeer decorations that welcome you to the Village at Meridian have been pulled out of storage and were sitting in the corner of the parking lot when we were there last week.

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It won't be long before around the clock Christmas music returns to the Treasure Valley, Santa is visiting with children at the mall and people are hustling about trying to score the best deals while they do their shopping.

Christmas season is quickly approaching and while it's never hard to find holiday spirit in Idaho, some towns just do it better than others. Which ones do Christmas the best? From Christmas light displays, to extravagant decorations to unforgettable parades, these are the five towns that do it the best in the Gem State!

The 5 Most Charming Christmas Towns in Idaho

We still maintain that Hallmark Channel or rival, GAC, should really consider Idaho as a filming location for their next movie. These are five places that truly capture the magic of Christmas!

Treasure Valley Christmas Events: What's On and What's Off in 2021?

While there will certainly be more places to get your fill of Christmas Cheer in and around Boise in 2021 than last year, some event organizers don't yet feel safe having in-person events. Here's a status update on what we know is on, off or virtual.

Which Stores Are Closed or Open on Thanksgiving 2021?

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