The best time of year in Boise is finally here! In our opinion, there is no better season in Boise than spring. The weather is finally warming back up but it’s not 100 degrees, the flowers are starting to bloom, and hopefully, our days of snow in Boise are behind us until next winter. No matter what season Boise is in, it is always beautiful however we take an extra liking to this time of year in the city.

The best part of living in Boise is that no matter what time of year it is there are always a million things to do for that season. Floating the river in summer, snowboarding in the winter, and going to the pumpkin patch in fall, but what about spring? We wanted to find the best activities to do in the spring so that you’re guaranteed to make the most out of this season in Boise.

Boise Spring Bucket List

Try these activities!

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

Visit Zoo Boise and see all of the animals finally getting to soak in the sun and enjoy the weather just as much as you are.

Hike Table Rock and enjoy the view of Boise in the springtime.

Visit Downtown Boise, get a cool drink, and see Freak Alley Gallery and the wonderful art in it.

Walk the Boise River Greenbelt, now free of snow just in time for spring!

Go to the Idaho Botanical Gardens and see all of the beautiful flowers blooming for the season.

Enjoy the Boise Farmer’s Market with all of the fresh spring produce for sale.

No matter how you choose to spend your days in springtime Boise will definitely have something fun for you to do this season!

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