The Bachelor is back and no matter how many seasons have aired on national television, I'm not convinced that this is what women are really about. I could be completely wrong but who signs up to compete with 20-30 other women for a man that may or may not be the one for them? Now that I asked that question It makes me think of another, who wants to kiss someone a guy that's being kissed by 30 other women in the same night? If you stop and think about that for a minute how many women would say "sign me up" I want to share saliva with 30 other women on the same night ?

My curiosity only grows from there... You mean to tell me that in one day you can get so emotionally attached to someone you've never met, that you would be driven to tears if you didn't get a rose ( after one day)? It doesn't end there, how about all the drama and hatred that is served up, is this really how women go about their business?  Maybe I'm just forgetting that that this is reality television and that reality tv is really scripted TV. Maybe I'm not the target demo for that TV show and maybe I'm forgetting that it's a TV show!

Please comment below and renew my faith in humankind and tell me that this show is NOT and indication of real life... unless of course it is then go ahead and burst my bubble and bring me back to reality.

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