There is something magical about Christmas lights, they tend to make a space so much more inviting. Whether it's a 1 foot desktop tree or a massive 12ft pine that acts as the center piece in the living room of a mansion, the lights are the magic that bring these trees to life. In the Treasure valley there are many places to view impressive light displays. Harrison Blvd. in the North end and Indian Creek Plaza in Caldwell come to mind but in my opinion the best and biggest Christmas light display is in Meridian at the Scentsy commons. More than any other year in recent history it feels like we're all super ready for Christmas. Christmas lights are a huge part of the holiday experience and I have good news...

This past Friday the powers that be at Scentsy in Meridian flipped the switch and turned on the lights on more than 450 trees. There are so many lights that if you laid them out end to end they would stretch out for more than 43 miles.

"Our campus is spectacular with all the lights at night," said Sam Johnson, Scentsy's Chief of Staff in a ktvb interview. "It takes months of hard work to get everything ready in time. We just want families to have something free to enjoy, walk our pathways, and provide something to brighten their year."

If you 've experienced these lights before you might be wondering if the 250-foot-long light tunnel there this year? The answer to that is YES! They've also added a 65-foot tall light-up Christmas tree. You have plenty of time to plan ahead as the lights will be up through Jan. 17. There is no charge to walk through the light display.

If you've never been the Scentsy commons are located at 2901 E. Pine Avenue in Meridian. One more thing to note, Scentsy would like to urge everyone to follow CDC guidelines.


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