The BMF moments you'll tell your friends about might be Nelly dancing with three fans on stage or Daughtry closing out the night with "Purple Rain" but one of the best moments of the day was something you didn't see! 

Early in the day a little girl named Johanna came to the 103.5 KISS FM tent looking to introduce herself and tell us how much she loved our radio station. She was so cute and she was a Taylor Swift fan, so I hooked her up with one of the posters and pair of sunglasses that Taylor sent the station last week. Her excitement was adorable!

Later in the day I went to give Kekeluv our last pair of Daughtry meet and greet passes to give away and told me I could find someone to give them too.  Even though tons of people had hit me up via text, Facebook, etc throughout the day, my mind immediately went back to Johanna and her mom.  In a crowd of thousands of people, I knew it wouldn't be easy to find them.  After about 40 minutes, I spotted her Johanna's mom and told her I wanted to personally give her little girl our last pair of meet and greet passes.  When Johanna walked back over to us, her mom handed her the envelope with their wristbands in it and explained what they were.  The look on her face and seeing her completely speechless was my favorite moment of the day at Boise Music Festival 2016!

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