Spend any amount of time in Boise and your sure to see something beautiful. It's easy to take the natural beauty that surrounds up for granted. The combination of foothills, lakes, rivers, and clean air all make for delightful landscapes that not many places can compare. Then, add the fact that the city is located in a valley, and you can easily see why Boise is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the country.

I was cruising around Reddit and came across a thread labeled Favorite view of Boise, in which people posted their favorite view in Boise Boise, some of which I've never seen before.

fingerblaster69: Where Vista transitions into Capitol as you’re headed downtown by the depot.
Freeworldout: I’ve got two myself. First is the view when your headed downtown on the connector where it opens up around the Fairview exit. Second is the view from any rooftop downtown.
Colin_Hicks: Definitely camels back park, crescent rim, the train depot, and table rock imo
mene3381:  Coming down the connector near the mall is really good at sunrise or sunset. I'm a big fan of the military reserve as well. The view from the tops of some of those hills seriously look like a painting, especially right now with all the fall colors.
No question, my favorite view in Boise is on-top of Table Rock at sunset. I'll often hike to the top when I need to clear my head. Being able to sit what feel's like thousands of feet above the city watching the sun slowly disappear is very calming.



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