I've played golf a handful of times that goes back to when I was a kid. I most recently played in a company deal and won closest to the hole almost grabbing a hole in one. Imagine that ⛳️

My son wants to play golf, after all, that Tiger buzz a few months ago and I figured this might be your opportunity too. If golf is too complicated how about putt-putt golf? Can add some beverages to that 9-hole course?

Get past all of the Twilight Criterium events, free fries on National French Fry Day and burn those calories by playing some putt-putt. Wait, looks like you'll be drinking so scratch that ❌Participate in a very fun 9-hole course of putt-putt through Downtown Boise that involves prizes, pizza, drinks and some awesome charity. $5 dollars of your $10 dollar registration will be going back to Miracle on 8th Street to help feed the homeless.

Boise Wide Open Details.

  • Sunday, July 14th
  • Registration 12 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. (Old Chicago)
  • $10 registration fee
  • $5 will goto to feed the homeless
  • Cards must be turned in by 5:30 p.m. to Whiskey Bar
  • There will be prizes for best costumes, scores and more

Course Details

  • Old Chicago/Sam Adams
  • Silly Birth/Mother Earth
  • Whiskey Bar/Sawtooth
  • Cactus/Alaskan
  • Pengillys/Rogue
  • Tom Grainey's/Georgetown
  • Fattys/Pabst
  • 10th Street Station/Boise Brewing
  • Mulligans/Sockeye

The final sentence in the form specifically says to bring your own putter and ball. Don't be that person!

Follow the Facebook event page for more.