How did you handle being quarantined for months? I've seen commercials of saying the positives as it brought me closer to family, I fell in love again with my spouse and the list goes on. That was a commercial though. How did you really feel?

I talked to people with jobs who were ecstatic about leaving home and getting back to work. Getting things done from home can pretty difficult when you have kids running around. What if I told you that there is a place where you can visit and everyone pretends the pandemic isn't happening?

The headline is, "Online role-playing has taken a turn for the downright mundane."

There is a Facebook group with over 2,100 users that all make-believe they're in this virtual life. Everything is great and it's a party. Well, let's go bigger than a party because everyone simulates being at a venue where life takes on an event of its own.

"I want to feel dirty again", Natalie Miller, the creator said. Natalie said she's missed live music and what's been before the pandemic hit us all. This is role-playing at it's best that we can all relate too. This is far from new because it's been going on forever since yahoo chat was invented and beyond. For all the great ones you can find that bad one.

Imagine it though. You are so sick of your quarantine that you pretend to be at a virtual venue having fake conversations about things that don't exist. Interesting.

If you're reading this in Caldwell to where we are in Downtown Boise and want to get lost I'll post up the link below. I have a feeling this is going to stay around for a while. I found this in the Atlantic. You can thank me later and who knows - maybe you find a soulmate ❤️


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