The Garth Brooks hype might finally be over as we roll into another work week. I'm not sure If I've seen anything go viral faster than the announcement of an on sale at Albertson's Stadium. I even wonder how quick he would have soldout at a regular venue. There was definitely something about the magic of the Bronco blue that was a selling point.

Garth Brooks spoke at a press conference and said over 85,000 fans were in attendance over the weekend. I was looking up attendance and all the headlines were things like, "Garth Brooks shatters Mile High attendance record." The immediate headline following was, "Garth Has Broken Pittsburgh Attendance..."

Friday's show lived up to the hype and then some. The show opened with Granger Smith in an emotional performance where he let a red balloon fly after his set. He lost his son just months prior to a drowning accident and there wasn't a dry eye in the stadium. My wife asked me if I was okay and luckily I was wearing sunglasses. I'm choked up thinking about that moment. He let the balloon fly and one of his guys came up and gave him a hug after. I'll never forget that moment.

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Garth Brooks came out next to a botched sound setup that eventually became the fire that lit the night. Things just became electric after that 🔥Garth is definitely the original showman. There is something about southern hospitality and it comes through in their music. Several times during the night Garth would take his hat off and just smile. I'm not sure how many times he bowed to the audience thanking them.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

Then we had Blake Shelton and what else is there to say. I feel bad bragging about Friday night but it was just so unique and in a place that is historic in Boise. I cried, laughed, cheered and was surrounded by my favorite people all night. What a "f-cking" experience! Don't judge me, Garth said the same thing

This will set the stage for what's next at Albertson's Stadium. I just don't believe you can manifest the same magic that happened Friday night. You can't duplicate the first of anything. This was special. I grew up on country and Garth Brooks. I might have every track ready to listen on the new Ed Sheeran, Lizzo and Drake. All that said, I have my country-side too and just added Blake Shelton's "God's Country.

Garth Brooks was asked about how felt regarding the number of tickets sold. "I think it's great for country music!" I think that's admirable of him but he's an icon and that was an event that just happened to be playing country music. Garth Brooks was the attraction and his music was all of our memories being played out in front of us. Each song took us to a place that once was or now is.

Dear Garth,

Thanks for taking us back even if it was just a few hours on a Friday night in Boise. Thanks for making us smile, reflect and forget all the B.S. that might be impeding on each of our lives. Idaho is still buzzing Monday! More importantly, thanks for giving my wife a dream come true and so many others. by: Kekeluv

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