First thing's first.

This is the United States of America, where we're free to enjoy freedom of speech. That means, if you desire to display a flag on your property that others may deem offensive, you're welcome to do so. We support free speech, and your right to express your views how you see fit! Hell, it's even one of the amendments, so you know it's gotta be important.

That being said, while you're free to display whatever flag you please, know that you're going to be judged very harshly if one of these is found flying high at your place.

The Four Most Offensive Flags You'll Find In Idaho

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media

Haha! Hopefully you got a cheap laugh, but have you ever come across a flag in Idaho that was actually offensive? And we're not talking something small like a "Fall Is Here" flag out in July, we're talking cuss words. Blatantly offensive content that makes you take a double-take every time you pass by.

Where have you seen 'em? Let's connect so you can share your photos!


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