Halloween has come and gone. Now is your chance to get those big discounts on next year's costume that probably won't be relevant next year! Don't tell that to Harry Potter cosplayers.

I've gone through our photo galleries from this weekend, Instagram and social media to bring you the costumes that you might have missed. Could be a good starter idea for next year's big Halloween Bash 🎃

Just so you know that Halloween falls on a Thursday next year and Saturday in 2020. That's just for the ones keeping track because I've learned that schedules are important. If I could just learn to follow one.

This was mine from Zombie Prom this year. Morning show host with Kat by morning, dad by day, and this guy by night.


Halloween night I spent with my family because that was most important to me on October 31, 2018. My life has changed and transformed. More on why I'm wearing Lennox's Halloween mask later.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

Standing out during Halloween is definitely a miss for me every year. I had some fun with it this season even though I had zero do with the creative portion. I'll attribute my amazing wifey to those accolades. The people you are about to see in these photos have gone well over the top. You might want to prepare for next year if this is the looks you might be going for. Check out this year's best of the best or most creative I found.

Did we miss yours? Tag me on Instagram @kekeluv

Halloween 2018

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