Let's face it we do it year after year, we take the advantage of the new year to start "fresh" and make a change. Resolution this, resolution that but if you really stop and think about it how many resolutions have you actually kept. How may times have you claimed that you were going to eat healthier, lose weight, be more organized? The real question is how many  times have you kept the resolution and for how long? Did you start off strong and then a month later give up. Did you make the same resolution the following year because you fell off the wagon the previous year? It's very interesting to know that there is common thread when it comes to why we fail, fall short and do not reach our goals every year.... Specifics... yes the lack of specifics makes it almost impossible to reach our goals. Think about it, if you don't know where you're going... how are you going to get there?
According to best life these are the hardest New Years resolutions to keep. How many of these have you made? If you're the one person who has never made made a new years resolution you're probably getting ready to scream... "I told you so".
Resolutions about weight loss
Resolutions that promise healthy eating
Resolutions about going to the gym
Resolutions without a plan
Resolutions without clear outcomes
Resolutions that don't include social support
Resolutions resulting from social pressure
Resolutions about being happier
Resolutions about being more organized
Resolutions without some immediate rewards
Resolutions without a strong perceived benefit
Resolutions about making more money
Resolutions about things you don't really want to change


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