When it comes to the internet and Idaho--it can sometimes be a totally shocking and 'unique' pairing. We here in Idaho know that we live in a very special place. Everyone else? Well--it's a tossup. If you venture too far away from Idaho, odds are if you ask a stranger about us, they'll tell you that they have no idea where we're at or confuse us with Iowa or Ohio.


Idaho is home to a lot more than a blue football field, some viral moments, and the occasional wacky political moment.

One of the biggest and most popular animal channels on YouTube has over 4 million subscribers and even more views--it features alligators, turtles, snakes and all sorts of amazing rescue animals.

Plot twist: it's all filmed right here in Idaho.

Take a look at the Idaho online animal sensation!

A Look at Idaho's Animal Expert Over The Years

Did you know that one of YouTube's top animal experts is based right here in Idaho!?

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Have you see Corbin before!? 

Whether he is sharing pet care tips, facts about animals that most of us have never been able to see in person, or just giving you a behind the scenes look of what happens in his reptile reserve--there's always something fascinating for the internet to eat up!

You can often find Corbin out in the Treasure Valley hosting events and teaching kids and families all about the animals that he's recused and houses right here in Idaho.

Learn more about Corbin Maxey, HERE.

Take a look at Corbin Maxey on Jay Leno back in the day!? 

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