Another Monday, another stack of compost bags being sent away. 11 to be exact, along with a full compost bin.

Keke offered to come over with his mulcher over the weekend to take care of my yard, and I was like "ya know what? I'm an independent homeowner now, I'm gonna tackle this solo dolo"

Wrong. I got through most of my front yard, but the backyard is a whole different story. 11 bags + the bin was only the front. When did being a homeowner become so much work?! It probably has always been, but I'm new at this and so far it's 50% terrible. Yard cleanup is not my thing.

Keke is coming over with his mulcher but I'm seriously considering hiring someone to take care of my yard on an ongoing basis. People have told me it's actually not too expensive!

Do you have a favorite yard crew you use here in Boise? Send me your reccs!

Twitter/IG @kitkatfisher

Thank you!

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