If you love to go for a drive from time to time and you haven't done the Lowman Loop yet, you're missing out. Some of us drive for fun, some of us drive to process our thoughts and some of us drive for a change of scenery. Regardless of the therapeutic side effect you may seek the Lowman Loop has plenty for you.

What is the Lowman Loop? By my personal account the loop starts in Eagle on highway 55. You take it over the rolling hills into Horseshoe Bend then along the river to Banks. Make a right onto the 21 in Banks and enjoy the tall pines as you go past Crouch and then over to Lowman. The views on the 21 are great and that portion of the road is in good condition with a nice shoulder. Lowman has a variety of hot springs but if you're in it simply for the drive you will hang a right in Lowman and then you will enter drivers paradise. First uphill, twisty turns will keep you entertained and then the switchbacks on the way back down the mountain will double the fun factor. If you drive a sports car you will be loving life, If you drive an SUV you will love the scenery. By the time you get to Idaho City, ice cream at Sarsaparilla will hit the spot. The rest of the drive takes you past Lucky Peak and The Hilltop restaurant which by the way has really good food. The drive into Boise along the river is a nice finishing touch to the 2.5 hour ride. After It was said and done all I can say is the Lowman loop - What a great drive.

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