The One Way to Win On Valentine’s Day

I wish I could write like my wife. I just received a text from a friend that follows our my wife on Facebook:

Your wife is a stunning writer! She needs to share her magic with the world, seriously.

I hear this a lot and I’m so jealous of how she takes you on a ride through words. Totally envious.

It’s obvious that I’m not even close to adapting her writing skills. I’m don’t even know where you use affect vs effect. I have a paper that reminds me of what you capitalize in a title. This is real talk. These are the things I have to figure out on a daily basis when writing my blogs. I’m still learning. I have some talents and getting them into words is my challenge. That said, being romantic and writing could be a friggin’ challenge. Here’s I go!

How to Win On Valentine’s Day

The Office Envy – This is my favorite and you just have to trust me on this one. I’d save this one for the icing on the cake as for as, “who is this person." Don't burn this one out!

Imagine how many packages she's gonna get on February 14th. If they work in an office the front desk will be bombarded with roses, balloons, and chocolate all day long. This is the moment of truth fyi and if you mess this one up – #badnight.

Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday, February 14 and this is the reason why you should STAY AWAY from this date. If you send something on the same day that everyone else does you will be judged by what your bouquet looks like. Don’t do it! There's is nothing special or everlasting about it.

I want you to take a step back and go ALL IN! Send your package on Tuesday when nobody gets anything!. Boom! Giddy up! Make Tuesday your beotch! Send your flowers, candy, fruit, cards, and anything else on the one day everyone is empty-handed. This will ensure that ALL focus is on her that day. She will feel like Disney princess baby ❄️

I was talking to some ladies on-air and I even asked the question, "What do you want for Valentine's Day?" The answer, "Time." I realized that women are more excited about something that didn't come from the grocery store on the way home on Valentine's Day. She wants you to care and think it out.

My wife typically at least once a years gifts me something engraved and I've always thought that was awesome because it shows how much she REALLY cares. Guys are typically last minute and getting things engraved takes time. One year she wrote me letters in a bunch of envelopes for every situation that might be going through. For instance: If she frustrated and takes it out on me - this was a letter explaining how much she loved me and not to take whatever we're arguing about too personal. ❤️#keeper

Put some thought into the one you wanna wow.

Thank me later!

Quick local list of places to order and remember how those national numbers work. Go local because ordering online from a national vendor doesn't exactly ensure you'll get what you chose online.

  1. Edible Arrangements - Your gift will have all the women and men in the office grazing on your fruits. That will be followed by, "who sent this?"
  2. HeavenEssence Floral & Gifts in Boise
  3. Boise at It's Best Flowers
  4. Hope Blooms Flowers & Things in Eagle
  5. Wishing Well Botanicals in Eagle
  6. Meridian Floral & Gifts
  7. Nampa Floral in Nampa, Caldwell

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