Does your story of the worst Valentine's Day win over them all? There's one girl who is still speechless after receiving an awful gift from her boyfriend. 

Has this year already been an absolute bust? Is there a Valentine's Day that comes back to haunt you? We talked to Brittany this morning who doesn't like this day because it's when her dog died. I mean, seriously, that's rough!

Angela also called us from Nampa and we're talking to her on Wednesday. By the time we had spoken to her on the phone (ON VALENTINE'S DAY), she had already received the world's worst gift from her boyfriend of five months. She wanted practical and got way more than that. Now she's questioning whether or not he's just trying to get her to break up with him.

Call us tomorrow morning to share your bad Valentine's Day gift and find out what Angela's boyfriend gifted her.


Personal story.

I gave my boyfriend the gift of being single one year. I was completely over our relationship and we didn't need to be together anymore. It was like a story that never ended. You know the one? It kept going and going and going and nobody yelled out "THE END"! I needed to do that.

On Valentine's Day, all I could think about was that I didn't want to pretend anymore and would have rather been at home flipping through Netflix. So, I broke it off. He cried, I got mad at him for crying and then I moved along. Happy Valentine's Day to my ex.

In the meantime, I went searching for #BadValentinesDayGifts and you all are ruthless! How on earth would anyone think some of these are good ideas?





Still think you have a good story? Bring it! We can't wait to hear how your Valentine's Day panned out.



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