Maybe it's just me, but this warm weather coming on in the Treasure Valley really makes me want to travel! I keep looking at everything from day trips to McCall or flights down to Phoenix to visit some close friends of mine. That said, every time I look, I realize shopping for flights is an art. If you time things right, you can get a great price. If you wait too long, you're probably pay way more than you want to or even SHOULD just for stalling.

I've got friends, both professional and from college that live all across the country that I visit and I've found a website that helps chop those flight costs in half.  I used it frequently out of Spokane, Washington but now that I am back in Boise I'm learning it works for flying out of BOI, too.

It's a website called and it's awesome!  Skip Lagged helps you find flights for a fraction of the cost, through connecting flights.

Take for example, a route from Boise to Phoenix. Using Expedia, I was able to find this flight for $171 on Friday, April 21st 2017.  Using Skip Lagged, I can take that same flight for $83. The catch? You book a flight to Sacramento, instead.

It really works--I've done this before. It's much easier for someone traveling alone, since checked bags are a no-no!  Using my Boise to Phoenix example, the flight would be booked to Sacramento with a long layover in Phoenix, so really, you just hop off the plane and don't fly to Sacramento (hence why you shouldn't check won't get them in Phoenix).

Some may say it's too much hassle, but does all the work for you, and for me saving over 50% for that flight is totally worth it!

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