You wake up in a bad mood, you can't seem to hold on to your phone, your computer is moving slowly and nobody seems to be able to understand what you're saying.

Let me back things up for a second so we can reset and catch everyone up. If you feel differently, think I'm massively nuts or want to chime in, comment below and we can chat about this.

This is all woo-woo stuff and I couldn't love it more.

Planets and Their Meaning

  • Sun: Your personality
  • Moon: Moods and emotions
  • Mercury: Mind and communication
  • Venus: Love and attraction
  • Mars: Drive and energy
  • Jupiter: Luck, growth and wisdom
  • Saturn: Discipline, fears and challenges
  • Uranus: Change and originality
  • Neptune: Dreams and healing
  • Pluto: Power and transformation

What Happens When Mercury is in Retrograde?

When Mercury is in retrograde, your communication is all wonky. The planet slows down and so does life. Mercury also messes with technology. It has something to do with communication between satellites to our phones or computers. See communication comes back? With this all together working not in your favor, life feels like it's completely off.

Mercury in retrograde is over. Everything should be fine, right? Now it's the shadow period presenting what's called Mercury in Retroshade. This is a two-week period of time where life still isn't quite right.

How Mercury in Retroshade Affects You

You're likely waking up in a foul mood for no reason at all. You're trying to explain your point of view or a concept or even something creative and the point just isn't getting across. You'll experience this until the 19th of this month. Hopefully, at that point, things will return to normal.

You Can Benefit From Mercury in Retroshade

Friends, this is literally research from several places. I can't believe I'm spending my time on one of the final warm days in the valley to research this. Yes I can. I'm geeked out. This next part is like a Ted talk. While it feels like the world is crumbling around you and nobody "gets" you, this is a time to empower yourself.

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