Have you looked at your calendar lately? The holidays are right around the corner, and you don't want to be rushing last minute to enjoy it, do you?

Of course not.

I'll get straight to the point. Recently, there've been some bumps in the road in the life of this writer. Bumps that make you think "Wow, adulting is hard. I wish I could just go back to being a kid again."

That's precisely what I'm planning to do. At first, it seemed like a really stupid idea, but after some serious thought, there may be a revelation here.

Christmas music playing in the house in April? Changing the lights to red and green before summer is even here? Elves on all the shelves before May flowers? Yup!

If there's one good thing about being an adult, it's that we have the right to not act like one if we so choose. Who would want to be an adult talking about things like synergy, politics and the economy, when you could be singing your favorite Christmas carols in your cozy Christmas pajamas anytime you wish? I'll take the latter, thank you very much.

It may sound silly, but just remember to be a kid. Stop taking things so seriously. Stop worrying what people think about you, or what they might say. Just enjoy being...you! If that's you the adult, you the kid-at-heart, or whoever you want to be, be that person.

Because being an adult can suck sometimes, but being a kid is just a fake Christmas tree away.


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