Boise is a hot spot for all things Brunch and it’s clearly a stable of downtown. On almost every corner of downtown Boise, there is a brunch place with lines out the door on weekends and waits up to 40 minutes long. We can’t tell if Boise loves brunch more or if brunch loves Boise more!

One thing that can be hard when determining where to have brunch is if you have a dietary restriction. Whether you are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, or vegetarian sometimes it can be hard to find a brunch spot that has options for you. This is why we wanted to help out, and as a fellow vegetarian, these brunch places have some of the best veggie menus in town.

Best Vegetarian Brunches in Boise

They have great food.

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

  • Bacon
  • Egg Mann and Earl
  • Big City Coffee and Cafe
  • Blue Bench Brunchette
  • Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro
  • Wild Root

All of these places have menus that have one or more vegetarian options and are delicious. One of the best parts about a lot of these is that they have vegetarian substitutions to choose from as well.

Even Bacon in downtown Boise has vegetarian options for a lot of their menu items. While they are known for cooking everything in bacon grease, hence the name, they also have vegetarian substitutions where they will cook it in butter instead and it’s just as delicious!

Next time you’re looking for a brunch place in Boise, don’t be stopped by being a vegetarian instead go to one of these brunch places and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Best Restaurants for Vegetarians In Boise

They have the best vegetarian food!

Boise Breakfast & Brunch Eateries Locals Love!

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