You're at home on the couch, enjoying a warm bowl of popcorn and a cold, bubbly seltzer. Jeopardy! is on, when all of the sudden, an answer pops up referencing your home town. It's always so fun! There is no feeling on Earth that makes you feel smarter than getting a random question correct on Jeopardy! Except maybe coming home from work and discovering a fresh bag of frozen pizza rolls in your freezer, but that's neither here nor there.

At least, it's supposed to be.

Boise, Idaho has been the subject of Jeopardy! questions for years, just like any other state capitol in the U.S. Most have had something to do with the City Of Trees' history, politics, and the occasional famous person from Boise. You know, the subject matter thatn 99.9% of Jeopardy! questions usually follow.

That's how it usually goes. Then we stumbled upon this treasure trove.

Apparently, all of us are forgetting about a few...particular clues on Jeopardy! that have cast Boise in a less-than-flattering light. We're not trying to put the show on blast here, but these were a little too extreme to ignore. Be it Ken Jennings, Mayim Bialik, or the late great Alex Trebek, it's happened more than once on the show:

These Jeopardy! Answers About Boise Are Borderline Offensive

What is...I feel personally victimized and attacked?

Do these feel a little...extreme to you? Don't worry, it's because we made them up! Could imagine Ken Jennings actually reading these out loud on the show?

While making these may have been all fun and games--Idaho really has been featured on Jeopardy!

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