You wouldn't believe it if we told you that you could've been enjoying some delicious, nutritious, and perfectly legal Boise weed for the past ten years, would you?

We can't blame you. It almost feels too dumb to make up. Yet, here we are.

In case you didn't know, the state of Washington has been blazin' up for a decade. That's right, since 2013, cannabis has been absolutely legal in Washington:

Marijuana legalization went into effect in December 2013, and the first legal marijuana sales in Washington and Spokane were made on July 8, 2014. At the time, Washington was the second state to legalize recreational cannabis.

This means, every single resident of the great city of Boise, Washington can smoke down whenever they feel like it (Inn the privacy of their own home, of course. Let's not get crazy here.)

Yes, there is absolutely a city in Washington named Boise. A solid drive East from Tacoma will land you in beautiful Boise, Washington, where the people are free to partake in some lovely Washington cannabis at their leisure. We told you it wasn't a lie.

Now, are we going to be able to enjoy that good good in Boise, Idaho anytime soon? Currently, it's not looking good. In fact, rumor has it people in Boise drive to Oregon to buy weed legally. What?

Dispensaries You Can Find in Ontario, Oregon

The State of Oregon has legalized marijuana for some time now. Dispensaries continue to pop up across the state although the "joke" or "reality", whichever you want to embrace, really points to the fact that Ontario seems to serve a lot of Idahoans.
Here are just some of the places you can legally purchase marijuana in Ontario.

What do we recommend you do? Nothing. Obey the law. Be a good citizen. Don't get arrested or your mom is going to be really disappointed in you.

Also, you aren't a cop, are you? Because if you're a cop, then, um, AI wrote this article. Yeah, that's it!

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