A lot of people had the day off from work yesterday (not us), seeing as it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. If you did have the day off, but felt like you didn't accomplish anything because you slept in, bopped around online, took a nap, or whatever else you do to waste your own time on a daily basis (those are my Saturday go-to specialties), here's what The New York Times thinks you should have done and should do next time with your 24 hours of freedom:
  1. Embrace laziness. Yes, yes, you’re busy, I’m busy, we’re busy-ing ourselves to exhaustion. But if you have today off, take a conscious stand against all this busyness.
  2. Evaluate your career. When was the last time you were completely honest with yourself about your career and whether you’re doing what you want to be doing? If you’re like most people, probably not recently.
  3. Have a family meal. It can be tough to get the whole family together for a meal. Work, school, sports practices, and other obligations all seem to get in the way. But studies show that families who dine at home together are happier and healthier.
  4. Fix your finances. If you've been meaning to get your money life in order, today's a great day to dive into all that.
  5. Do that one thing you've been putting off. Send that email, finish up that task at home, send that holiday thank-you note you still haven’t gotten around to. Whatever it is, just do it. You’ll feel so much better.
  6. Do absolutely nothing. Give yourself permission to plant in front of the TV today, recharge your batteries and get a good night’s sleep. It might even make you more productive at work this week.

I don't personally recommend that last one unless you haven't watched your fave show in a minute. Use your time wisely! Mark your next vacation day off in your planner and think about what you'll use that day for. And then even apply that to your Saturday or Sunday.

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