Now that you've had a few days to bask in the warm, coziness of Christmas and get your new gifts set up, the clean-up begins. Boise Police says that you might want to think twice before pitching that trash. 

Take the tree to composting, put the lights away in a way where they won't be a giant tangled mess next year, put the big boxes out on the curb. Holiday clean-up really should be a no-brainer right? Not exactly.

According to Channel 6, certain boxes you put out on the curb for trash or recycling are actually an invitation for thieves looking to enter your home and steal your new, expensive tech toys.  So which boxes that are the most dangerous to leave on the curb? Boxes for new 4K or smart TVs, computers and laptops or hot game systems like the Nintendo Switch, xBox One or Playstation 4.

Chances are unless you're packing the ornaments up in those boxes, you would really like them out of your house, right? BPD tells the news channel that the best way to get rid of those boxes is to make them small enough to fit inside your trash can or recycling bin, rather than placing them next to the the receptacles.

Breaking them down or cutting them into smaller pieces should do the trick.  If the boxes are just two big to manage, bundle up and head outside early o put them on the curb rather than having them out all night long.

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