What is going on Broadway Avenue late at night and why is there a traffic jam? It makes no sense--and we're trying to get to the bottom of it.

If you aren't driving around late at night--especially up and down Boise's Broadway Avenue, near Boise State's campus, you may have no idea that this issue is even going on. What night owls are experiencing, however, is total chaos on Broadway once the sun is down--and it's stemming from ONE fast food restaurant.

Here's a look at Broadway Avenue's fast food options...

Broadway Avenue's Fast Food Lineup

But are any of these even open at night?

The 'problem child' is Del Taco--have you noticed this? 

Call them the problem or the savior--the terms are interchangeable at this point. One thing is clear ever since COVID-19, late night food options are few and far between because of staffing issues and it seems that this is definitely the case on Broadway Avenue.

Recently, the Taco Bell manager from Broadway's location posted to a popular Facebook group, sharing that she's experiencing the anger from customers because they're overstaffed and wrote:

I am doing my best to staff this store and open up for all to be able to enjoy taco bell at your leisure. With that being said I'm not going to make 2 people work and kill themselves to make this happen. If you know anyone looking for work PLEASE send them my way.

Staffing is clearly an issue.

A manager from Burger King on Broadway chimed in:

I took over as GM of the Broadway Burger King last year. Took me a lot of hours and ups and downs to make it work. We finally got our hours back to 6a-midnight last week.

So what's happening at Del Taco? Well, clearly--they're making the late night hours work but there is no way that we can't safely assume they're stretching to make it work. Could sales be making it worth the efforts? Drive up Broadway Avenue any evening past 11:00 p.m. and you're going to see a line of cars so long, it is 6 or more deep up the literal street--even worse on the weekend--with many turning their hazard lights on to be safe.

Or, maybe Del Taco is just that amazing?

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