Hotels can be so blah and since COVID-19 it seems as though people have avoided hotels in order to avoid crowds. As a result Airbnb's and other vacation rentals have become extremely popular. Some people think that Airbnb's are a hit or miss proposition, I on the other hand love the thrill of not knowing exactly how well the pictures represent the place I'm going to sleep in that night.

Boise has many unique spaces on Airbnb and no matter what you're looking for you will find it. For example on a recent staycation a friend decided she wanted place with a view of the foothills, preferably close to hiking trails and more importantly a place with Zen like vibes. The description below is what she found on Airbnb : 

About this space

"Apartment attached to my home with 270 acres of public land as the backyard. Off leash hiking with developed trails and amazing views of Boise and the mountains. Eclectic decor that makes you feel right at home with an outside private sitting area and access to the garden vegetables and flowers. Uber or Lyft will only cost you a few dollars to safely get downtown for the breweries and amazing restaurants. Hiking and mountain biking right out the back door has to be the greatest part of this apartment. Lots of light and gardens."
airbnb goats 3
Airnbnb goats 2
The space was the perfect space. Foothills, trails, views and a Zen like atmosphere. What she didn't know was that the property also housed baby goats. Can you say pleasant surprise? Talk about an experience, the goats turned out to be the highlight of the stay. If you love goats and views this should be your next Boise staycation.

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