I love the downtown scene in Boise. Bars, clubs, and restaurants line the streets. There's no chance you'll run out of options to get a drink. But what you can't do is ever take your drink with you outside. Open container laws prohibit such thing and you can find "No Alcohol Beyond This Point" signs basically outside any establishment that serves alcohol. I've been against this for some time. Call me an alcoholic, but really I just don't like interrupting the vibe. Having to hurry up and finish a drink or toss a drink before you can make it to your destination is a buzzkill. And apparently Moscow, Idaho agrees.

Moscow- Pullman Daily News reported on Moscow's newly approved entertainment district that will allow people to drink beer and wine on the streets within its boundaries. Like Boise, there is an "open container" ordinance in place, but the City Council's vote on the matter allows for an exemption. Can't help but wonder if any of these council members had a blast in Las Vegas on the strip and downtown and realized it's not a big deal to let the people walk and drink.

My hope is that Boise will follow suit in a similar way. Maybe not full time, but it would be awesome for at least special events like First Thursday to not worry about finishing your beer in a hurry or deciding if you have enough time to order another drink before moving on to your next destination.

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