2023 is going to be known as a few things:

  • The year that gave us the best season of Ted Lasso thus far
  • A damn good Mario movie
  • Everything under the sun getting banned for one reason or another

Drag shows. Beer. Eggs. If you can name it, it's probably offended someone who's tried their best to get it banned from existence. It feels like there's really no end to the cancel wars of 2023, and this next story isn't going to make things any better.

There now exists a group in the Treasure Valley that would like to see public garbage cans banned in Boise. Yes, they want trash cans to be banned if they're out in public. Are they an unsightly blemish on our town? Are there unpleasant odors emitting from trash cans around town that we're not privy to? Are there violent little trolls hiding in the bottoms of trash bags?

We're not getting any answers. Why? It would appear that the group in question isn't saying much. Actually, they're not saying anything at all. Because they're rats.


Cancel culture has gotten so rampant in 2023 that even the rats are making demands. They're requesting that all garbage cans in the city of Boise be removed immediately. Not because the rats are offended, oh no. It's much worse. They actually have the audacity to ask for the removal of trash cans so they can procure more free food.

Go figure. These pests want a free handout and think their cancel culture demands should be met. Who do they think they are??


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