The main question I've been hearing the last couple weeks, on top of when will things go back to normal, is when can we expect these stimulus payments to hit our direct deposit or mail boxes? It seems like the IRS is finally answering that question.

Today the IRS rolled out a new "Get My Payment" page, which lets individual taxpayers know when they should expect to see coronavirus-related stimulus checks to hit their bank accounts or mail boxes.

All you need to do to access this info is to enter some basic personal details, like your social security number and address, that were included on your most recent tax return.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said recently that around 80 million Americans should get their money by the end of Wednesday, while a "large majority" will receive payments over the next two weeks.

I was shocked when I checked my bank account this morning and saw that my stimulus payment was processing! If yours hasn't, or you don't have direct deposit, or you're still waiting and want to know when you could see your payment: visit this website and enter your info.

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