We've all been there... well at least most of us have been... that moment you realize you just created a an akward situation because you congratulated someone on their pregnancy only to find out that they''re actually on a break from the gym and are not with child. How's about the time you were complaining about your boss to a co-worker and unbeknownst to you, your boss just happened to be standing right behind you at the company holiday party. Then there was the time that you were so irritated after being on the phone with worst customer service agent ever that you decided to vent while they put you on the tenth "temporary hold" only to realize that as you were spitting fire about how inept this human being is... u heard a voice saying.... I CAN HEAR YOU!!

While the following video is intended to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day, Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry did a great job of reminding us how akward a situation can get quickly. By the way gingers rule and they're not gonna take it anymore. LOL #GingersUnite

REDHEADS UNITE: Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran filmed a video together for an important cause – and it's not "Gingers Unite." Today is World Mental Health Day pic.twitter.com/Bp3pH97sB5

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