Another week has come and gone and in that time, hundreds across the Treasure Valley have come across someone they were attracted to. What do YOU do when that happens? Are you one to approach and seize the moment? Or, are you more like me--silent and always regretting you didn't say more in the moment? PERHAPS you said nothing at all...that's where these beautiful missed connections come in.

Each week I dive in to find only the best diamonds in the rough-- the missed connections that scream true love--and share them with you. For all we know, one of these could be about you! Just do us a favor and invite us to the wedding if it all works out.

I should mention, we don't know who posts these. If you're replying to any...please proceed with caution.

All of this said, here are this weeks best of Boise's missed connections!

Last week, I was preparing to head home, although, it was quite early.

You approached me, in a semi-private space, and attempted to show some interest, beyond a semi-casual moment.

I was interested, but insisted on going home.

I'd like to revisit, that moment, sometime, again soon.

I came into your Chevron today to grab something to eat and there you were. You had tattoos on your arms and we said hi to each other. It felt like a connection but maybe it was just me. If you see this message me back.

To the cutie working at Maverik.... I would have given you my # but i was with my 2 boys. You asked me about the cookie dough. If by some crazy chance you see this you should reply back. Would love a chance to get to know you.

You walked by me upstairs and told me nice shirt. You are tall with long blonde hair, very pretty. After that, I saw you working the front desk for the bowling alley. This was Saturday late morning.

If you see this and remember this all, tell me what shirt I had that you complimented.

I was in Tractor supply in Kuna sunday morning, and you came in. We exchanged glances a few times, and you looked so gorgeous with your short, dark hair, and sexy outfit. I would've spoken to you, but you were there with a small boy and adolescent girl, so I just smiled as I pulled away in my big truck instead.... Then a few hours later, I was at DEJA Moo, having breakfast on the patio with friends, and by God's miracle, there you were again!! You are so beautiful! The way your sweater showed your gorgeous shoulders and how your short, dark hair stopped at the part of your neck I love kissing from behind....I would love to see you many more times! You made my weekend! If you see this and think it's you, I'd love to hear from you! Tell me something you noticed about me.....

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