This isn't a sexy topic, but this sex topic is a necessary topic. When's the last time you were tested? Depending on your lifestyle, doing it yearly at your annual check-ups may not be enough. Some new stats came out and three STDs are at an all-time high.

Cases of three sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the new numbers on Tuesday, the Associated Press reports.

Chlamydia reached a record high 1.7 million cases last year, which is a record for the most ever reported in a year. Researchers mainly attribute that particular trend to increased testing.

In addition, there were approximately 580,000 cases of gonorrhea reported. It's the highest number since 1991. Finally, the syphilis rate rose 15 percent, to about 35,000 cases, which is also the most since 1991.

Scientists are concerned the rise might be due to antibiotic resistance. These increased numbers coincide with cuts in public health funding and clinic closures.

So, take care of yourself. Don't trust someone else and put your health in their hands. Make sure you're good and getting those checks regardless of what someone else is telling you!

Anyway, I'm not getting down like that until I find my husband. Where he at??

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