Bowl Season is just about here and soon, we will know where Boise State will be playing  outside of the regular season. If you would have told us 5 or 6 weeks ago that Boise State would be undefeated in conference play and looking towards a bowl game, we might have been a little skeptical. This season has really turned around for the Broncos.

With bowl season comes speculation--a lot of it--and the so called experts are beginning to map out where they think that each team will play. While projecting the major bowls and the playoff games is the most talked about aspect--every bowl game is analyzed.

Where do these "experts" see Boise State going?

  • Both ESPN Writers project Boise State and Washington State
  • The Athletic projects Boise State and Washington State
  • The Action Network projects Boise State and Washington State
  • Athlon Sports projects Boise State and Washington State
  • CBS Sports projects Boise State and Washington State
  • College Football News projects Boise State and Washington State

And the one loner...

  • USA Today thinks Fresno State will be playing Washington State.

Does this mean that they think Boise State will be losing on Saturday? According to their predictions, Boise State will be playing at home, again, against Eastern Michigan.

It's one thing to beat a team once. It's another to beat them a second time in one season, when they have their starting Quarterback, back.





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