There comes a time in everyone's life where they make a decision to move on.  You were in one relationship and they realized..."it doesn't work for me." They move on.  Here's another: Let's say your best friend has been there through thick and thin.  BFF's for life baby!  Ride or die!  Wait, maybe we grew apart from each other.  Nothing in common, YO!  Peace out girl scout!  They disappear.

Look.  Those things are actually okay.  Let's just chalk that up as growing pains.  So, just take all that and put it in a little box to the left labeled...Good times.

There is nothing worse than an ex-friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or even a co-worker dumping you and then putting their NEW life on SOCIAL BLAST!  Let's think about this for just one second.

"Hey mom, sorry I can't make it home for Christmas this year.  I know, I know, but I have to work.  I will barely even get to eat...somehow I will survive."

Then Mom opens Facebook to see a wonder list of photos with him and the boys.  Add drinks, keg stands and get the point.  There is nothing worse!  I mean you've been in a relationship for 3 years and all of the sudden he say's, "It's not me.  It's you.  Wait, I mean it's me!  It's me.  I'm just confused.  I love you.  Shalom.  Then you receive a text from friends with him and the NEW girlfriend taking selfies.  It's just sickening!

Go ahead and start a new box.  It's time ;-)  Yep, that's a winky face.  Let's label this one...mmmm....#areyoufingkiddingme!

That hashtag brings us to this picture.  I'm sorry, PHOTO OPPORTUNITY.  Look, I love Coach Pete.  That's my dude!  I remember (still have the letter) Coach sent me a letter wishing me luck and congratulating us on the big child abuse prevention campaign - Live for 175!  I have nothing but respect.  I'm just not ready to let it go.  Let me mourn a bit.  Let me reminisce. Let it settle please.  No.  It didn't happen.  I'm watching KTVB News Channel 7 and Jay Tusk posts up this photo, which stings a little. Yep. It's over. I'm heartbroken.  Coach Pete from our Boise State Broncos has finally left us.  I need another week!  #toosoonforbronconation.


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