Who says that Idaho isn't up on the trends like music, culture and just added...nude conventions! Looks like the Gem State is getting an interesting opportunity and controversial meet-up in August.

Welcome to Idaho's premier nudist hotspot and destination for 2019's American Association for Nude Recreation Convention. Which lucky city has been selected? Meet you in Worley this Summer in August 😎

The AANR will be hosting their convention approximately 6 hours from Boise at the Sun Meadow Resort. Does this seem odd to you? It shouldn't because don't you remember that nude 5k last year? Embrace Naked-Tivity people! Is that even a correct word?

Their mission:

To advocate nudity and ude recreation in appropriate settings while educting and informing society of their value and enjoyment.

This organization has been formed for over 80 years so don't think this is some kind of Idafornia creation.

If you're down to join, all the info is at Sun Meadow Resort's website. Looking for more nude activities? Heard of Bare Mountain?

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