Photo courtesy: Facebook
Photo courtesy: Facebook

I don't totally write about stories that are happening around the country much because you see that everywhere. This one is the exception.

This little guy caught my attention and reminded me of my son and myself years ago. I'm not writing this to talk about another COVID-19 story. This kid just needs prayers like so many of us do. Owen is one of us just living in another city.
Owen's Grandpa caught COVID-19 and his mother caught praying by himself. It's just a little kid wishing for his opa to receive a gift of recovery. This photo is so raw to me because it hasn't been staged or the setup. It's just a little boy saying a prayer hoping that angel will come to his grandpa's rescue.
I remember flying into Houston one night and heading right to the hospital. My father was having heart surgery and I didn't make it in time to see him before. It didn't matter much because I would see him after so we just waited. Things took a turn for the worst. Owen reminded me of that night I spent praying in the chapel at the hospital. I was too late or it just was his time because he didn't make it.
I was looking at the little boy for some odd reason that night came back to me. I started to think of my son Lennox next and I wanted to share this with my listeners. I'm sure we can all relate in some way with Owen and his family.
Take that photo and remember what our jobs are right now. It's our responsibility to take care of our children and protect them. I learned real quickly that life isn't about me anymore once we welcomed in Lennox and then Leo.
We will overcome what's happening but those kids have no idea. They just want to play, smile, laugh and be loved. Let's pray for Owen please and everyone else struggling with life right now in the Treasure Valley  🙏✌️❤️💙✝

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