I love driving. I could be driving to the grocery store and I'm smiling. I love driving so much that most of the time when I drive I don't want to answer my phone even if its on blue tooth. I just want to enjoy the moment and focus on the actual art of driving. Sometimes I drive to think, other times I drive for the adrenaline rush but my favorite are scenic drives.

This weekend I experienced the most scenic drive I have taken in a long time. Saturday morning a few friends and I decided to drive to Sun Valley for the Tour De Force Phantom Hill No Speed Limit Runs. We had an amazing time but when it was over is when the real fun started.

We decided to take the 75 up through the Sawtooth mountains back to Boise and when I say this is a beautiful drive, I mean this is a BEAUTIFUL drive. We left Sun Valley and after a quick stop at the Galena Lodge for a salad we jumped back on the road. The mountains along the 75 are so gorgeous they looked like they were hand painted. The next surprise and absolute must see was Redfish Lake. It's an easy stop to make as it's right off the main road and honestly looks like a postcard. Stanley was the next stop and for some reason this little town reminded me of the movie Cars. A charming spot to stop for gas, food or some cold drinks. The elevation changes and different terrain had me in awe the entire time and then one of my friends pulled off the road and stopped at Kirkham Hot Springs. The springs are for sure natures gift and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. What a perfect way to break up the drive.

The rest of the drive consisted of the scenic route through Lowman then Idaho City which has a great ice cream spot and eventually some picturesque views of Lucky Peak. If you love to drive or just love to explore scenic landscapes this is an Idaho must do!

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