When it comes to food in Idaho--nothing really comes to mind outside of the potato. We have some of the greatest fishing waters in the world, unbelievable land for hunting, and some amazing, award-winning chefs all across our state that have been nationally recognized.

So when it comes to an "Iconic Food" here in Idaho-- what could it be? Allegedly, it is sold out of a small saloon in Ketchum, Idaho.

Idaho is no stranger to having famous foods or restaurants featured on national TV: 

Every Idaho Restaurant Featured on Food Network

Have you been to any of these special places?

Crazy enough--this particular saloon that allegedly sells Idaho's most iconic food, isn't even on that list from being televised, above!

The Food Network has a gallery of "The United Plates of America" which features foods from coast to coast. There are 50 "Must Try Foods" from each state, according to this feature and yes--we HAD to take a look at Idaho's.

As you're probably expecting-- it has everything to do with potatoes.

It's called a "Jim Spud Baked Potato" and it's only served at the Pioneer Saloon in Ketchum, Idaho. It's an Idaho Potato that is loaded with teriyaki steak scraps, caramelized onions, butter, sour cream, and melted cheddar cheese!

Sounding like a little too much for one person? Yeah--same.

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