If feels like every time you turn around, there's a new TikTok video spreading across the world, just waiting for you to watch over and over and over again. Usually, it'll feature a lip-sync, or a prank, or maybe some cool life hack that you certainly can't live without after watching it.

Other viral TikTok videos feature...animals that you've probably never once seen in real life. Yeah. Let's get into this.

An employee of a small farm in Idaho Falls received some good news when she found out there was a new baby yak born on the farm named Copper. It's not unusual for a yak to give birth, so what's got everyone talking about Copper?

Well, he's adorably insane. You can see the video here. Melissa Bade, the farmworker mentioned above, elaborates:

He runs so fast and he does things that I’ve never had a calf do. He is a calf that doesn’t quit, runs with his atypical fluffy tail straight in the air … and has brought us such joy. Watching him every day is better than a Netflix subscription.

As of yesterday (Monday), the TikTok video in question has over 3,000,000 views, and people definitely have yak on the mind. As far as why Melissa began filming Copper, she explains:

“I’m a grandma. I’m not savvy at (social media). I just wanted to take stupid videos to show my friends.

Well, you did! And it looks like Melissa (and Copper) are about to have a ton of new friends to yak with!

No apologies for the yak puns. You knew what you were getting into.

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